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ANAC Worldwide



The European ANAC centre


In order to keep on top of the oil analysis technology, ANAC inaugurated in 2014 a brand new state of the art laboratory on the site of the TOTAL oil blending plant in Ertvelde ( Ghent) in Belgium.This laboratory ensures a maximum of efficiency and quality by operating a unique level of robotisation and the implementation of the most advanced oil analysis techniques.This ANAC centre also hosts the database and customer website, used by the worldwide network of Weblink laboratories.

The worldwide network of Anac laboratories


In Ertvelde in Belgium, Total ANAC has further enhanced the quality of its oil tester services that it provides by building a new, even more high-performance laboratory in which a significant number of operations are automated.

The European TOTAL ANAC centre manages a worldwide network of more than 20 TOTAL ANAC laboratories.

Each and every one of these centres is connected to a central database, meaning that Total subsidiaries throughout the world can offer its clients the optimum TOTAL ANAC oil tester service.