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Financial benefits with ANAC

For automotive oil analysis :

A high return on investment

Thanks to the automotive ANAC analysis range ( PRO, EXPERT, VISIO, …) the ANAC diagnosis goes far beyond the classical “Is my oil still OK ?” – approach and really offers a unique tool for the fleet manager allowing :

  • To avoid excessive engine / machine component wear
  • To avoid breakdowns
  • To plan corrective actions on the fleet, avoiding “rush hours” in the workshop
  • To compare wear rates of one engine vs another
  • To know when to replace vehicles
  • To boost the reselling value of machines

In short: reducing considerably the cost per working hour or km of the fleet. Well applied as a systematic fleet management system, ANAC can generate big savings in the maintenance and operational costs of a fleet and calculation in practice generally shows returns on investment of over 1 by 10 (1 Euro invested in ANAC brings 10 Euro savings). With ANAC, well applied, a customer can save more money than what he spends on the oil !

ANAC is the guarantee of reduced operating costs:

  • Optimization of equipment service life
  • Optimization of fuel consumption
  • Optimization of drain intervals
  • Prevention of failures and down time
  • Diagnoses for the purchase of used equipment
  • Enhancement of equipment resale value

For industrial oil analysis :

Thanks to the complete range of ANAC INDUS oil analysis , it is now possible for the industrial maintenance manager to make the step towards conditional maintenance:

  • Plan maintenance work at the most appropriate time
  • Extend the lifetime of the equipment
  • Extend the lifetime of the fluids ( Lubricants/ Coolants)

ANAC INDUS combines the laboratory expertise of ANAC with the expertise of the Total Product Engineers on lubricant formulations in order to give you the best possible service with maximum savings on maintenance.