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Optimized fleet Management

ANAC diagnosis takes oil analysis a step further : years of development on mathematical models implemented in the IT system and database have made it possible to extend an oil analysis program into a proven cost saving fleet management tool.

Fleet operators using ANAC have the benefit of very specific ANAC information on the combustion engines of their fleet as :

Wear Coefficient: One figure indicating overall wear compared to identical engines

Thanks to the very large statistical database on all specific engine types, ANAC PRO can compare the current global wear rate of an engine with all similar engines, thus indicating if your engine’s lifetime expectation is higher, equal or lower than average for that specific engine type.
The Wear Coefficient allows to compare relative engine wear between different vehicles/machines.



As a fleet manager, by looking at 1 figure, you know on which vehicles the cost per km or working hour can be reduced!

CAPS : Indicates probability of success of suggested corrective actions

Customers feedback for over more that 30 years allowed ANAC to established a database on causes and effects.

In case of a “red” report, CAPS (Customer Assisted Prognosis System) indicates which corrective actions are necessary to cure the problem and even displays their statistical probability of success!

The CAPS report also displays the chance of breakdown in case no corrective action would be taken.



As a fleet manager you now which preventive actions to take, and the risks involved when no action is taken!

Compensated values (ppmc) : the real wear rate , independent from mileage and oil toppings :

The concentration of the wear elements in an oil analysis is not only depending on the wear rate of the engine, but is also strongly influenced by external parameters as the mileage of the oil and possible topping up with new oil.

Thanks to the specific mathematical “Compensation” model, ANAC PRO will recalculate the raw laboratory values on wear metals into “compensated” values ( ppmc) which are independent on oil mileage or oil toppings, and represent the real wear situation.

As a fleet manager you see the real wear evolution of your engine at a glance !