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A powerful database

Automotive database :

ANAC uses the history of over 4 million analyses to calculate on a statistical basis reference values and condemnation limits on over 7000 combustion engine models and 6500 non combustion components. This database is unique in the world and a treasure for R&D departments of many engine manufacturers who can study the behavior on their engines in real life conditions on a worldwide scale.

Industrial database :

For industrial (piston) gas engines, ANAC GAS applies. For this application ANAC uses the mandatory condemnation limits indicated by the engine manufacturer.

For all other industrial applications ANAC INDUS uses a database alimented by Total engineers in charge of oil development for every individual market segment. The database takes into account the specific formulation of each Total oil, and its tolerances for variation linked to the application in which the oil is used. As this information is strictly confidential, no other oil analysis lab than Total’s corporate ANAC lab can make this interpretation