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Our ANAC services


ANAC diagnosis offers you tailored solutions for your business:

Public Works Yes Yes Yes   Yes  
Mining Yes Yes Yes   Yes Yes
Trucks Yes Yes     Yes  
Buses Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes  
Agriculture Yes Yes   Yes Yes  
Aviation   Yes        
Industry       Yes Yes Yes
Inland marine Yes Yes        


ANAC has consolidated its reputation as a specialist of oil analysis in various sectors and offers its customers comprehensive customized solutions.Each of these sectors uses various types of equipment. ANAC offers a wide range of services specially tailored to meet your markets needs for these applications.


Construction equipment experiences extreme working conditions (temperature, heavy duty, shocks, high pressure etc...) that are likely to provoke wear and mechanical damage.To  prevent breakdowns and downtimes, ANAC offers you specific diagnosis for all mechanical parts of your equipments.


ANAC developed the « Mining Solution »:Mining is an industrial activity in which breakdown of equipment is not permissible, as every minute of production breakdown leads to immense financial losses. Many mines use one of the ANAC services successfully in order to avoid these breakdowns and keep the equipment in top condition. As mines are often located in very remote areas, getting the oil samples from the mining site to one of the ANAC centres can sometimes cause logistical issues. ANAC Mining solution is a fully equipped laboratory hosted in a purpose build container, comprising not only all ANAC approved laboratory equipment, but also all necessary facilities. An secured internet connection allows a scientific interpretation of the oil analysis results by the ANAC database.


For truck dealers, keeping clients loyal is very important. Thanks to the ANAC services, dealers can differentiate themselves from the competition by offering a valuable extra service to their clients.


Thanks to ANAC, freight companies can optimize the lifetime of their fleet, significantly reduce breakdowns and increase their workshop productivity. In urban transport, the     reliability and the lifetime of the engines are crucial. The ANAC services have proven their efficiency for bus companies since more than 40 years.


In urban transport, the reliability and the lifetime of the engines are crucial. The ANAC services have proven their efficiency for bus companies since 30 years.


In agriculture, breakdowns in the seasonal activity are not acceptable. That's why regular diagnoses are vital for your exploitation.


Aviation is an activity which does not allow any in-flight breakdown. That's why preventive diagnoses are necessary to bring your aircraft home in complete safety.(can only be  applied for small aircraft with piston engines)


Monitoring of the physico-chemical properties of industrial lubricants in service is essential for conditional maintenance. As things stand, the results of the oil analysis naturally   make it possible to track the functional qualities of the oil, as well as providing information on wear and tear affecting the lubricated mechanical parts.


In marine, any breakdown can be extremely hazardous. That's why preventive diagnoses are necessary to bring your ship back home in complete safety.