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Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, has integrated ANAC in their European extended warranty program HELP (Hitachi Extended Life Program). For every new extended warranty contract, the HITACHI dealer receives an ANAC sampling kit. During the scheduled services of the machines subscribed to the program, ANAC samples are taken from all lubricated components and sent to the ANAC lab. Hitachi Europe adds its "OEM" comments to the ANAC diagnosis reports through the Internet via the specially developed TBO (Technical Back Office) module of the ANAC website. This way HITACHI monitors the maintenance of the components under warranty and prevents breakdowns.

Marten Bootsma, Service Development Manager HCME :

"Our equipment operates under the most severe circumstances. With ANAC, which is an additional service we provide for every HELP contract throughout Europe, we offer dealer and customer insight into the health of the equipment under their control. Through the internet based reporting system, oil sample results are available for our dealer network with a minimum of time delay after the actual sampling date at the ANAC laboratory, in a consistent and frequent manner. Additionally, when the oil analysis report shows abnormal wear or contamination of the oil, we are able to provide our dealers unique combined support, by adding our HITACHI technical expertise to the ANAC oil sample results. This ANAC oil sampling program is a highly suitable tool for HCME to contribute to our ongoing pursuit of preventing downtime and reducing costs of repairs for the HITACHI machines in our dealer network."




They focus primarily on the sale, maintenance and repair of DAF, Iveco, Mitsubishi and Fiat commercial vehicles.For more than 30 years, Stephan Delvoye is managing the aftersales and spare parts divisions.
Within the vision of the group to provide customers a qualitative and sustainable solution they use ANAC.

Stephan Delvoye about ANAC:

“ANAC oil testing makes it possible to differentiate ourselves toward our competitors, as we systematically carry out analyses on the engines of our customers. If an anomaly is detected, the customer will be informed about it so we can intervene in time. This feedback about the engine‘s condition is highly appreciated by our customers. In this way, we can prevent excessive engine wear or unexpected failures and we enhance the relationship with the customer.

Our DMS system (Dealer Management System) is designed in a way that the red analyses are compiled into a TODO list. In this way the information can't be lost and we can discuss the abnormal analyses at the next meeting with the customer.

The ANAC motor oil test is an easy, readable system that gives us a chance to evaluate the wear pattern of the engine at a glance. You don't have to be a chemist to understand the analysis. An additional advantage is the time in between the shipment and the receipt of the report. This is limited to a few days.

Another big advantage of ANAC is the availability of the TOTAL technical advisor. He is just a phone call away, and even comes on-site to assist with the diagnoses.

In case of a doubt about mechanical gearboxes we also use the services of ANAC.” 


My name is Jean –Pierre Martlé. I am responsible for maintenance and repairs of the vehicle and machine fleet of the company Martlé. We load, unload and stack piles. Therefore we need tractors of the highest power range. Loads of more than 100 tons are no exception. The working conditions can be very various : short or long distances, heavy or less heavy loads. Sometimes high PTO charge, other times less or none….

All these parameters make it very hard to standardize the maintenance of our vehicles. A very useful tool for me is the Anac oil analysis service of TOTAL. By monitoring the “Wear Coefficient” which is displayed on every diagnosis report, I can fine-tune the oil drain intervals perfectly to the service conditions. Hence, the oil change takes place at the right moment.

The ANAC Wear Coefficient also allows me to make the link with the driver, his fuel consumption, and other wear sensitive parts such as brakes and tires.

It allows me to identify the less “careful” drivers. By re-initiating our drivers I could prevent many problems and reduce the fuel consumption considerably.

Furthermore ANAC helps us, by oil samping, to detect engine problems in a very early stage which has made our fleet more reliable and has reduced downtime. Total's ANAC advisor helps us in the interpretation of the oil diagnosis reports and with the choice of the correct lubricant types.


I can rely on him for all kind of technical advice.

We are very satisfied with ANAC and the service of Total Lubricants.




This company, founded by André Franssen, is active for a long time and has a very good reputation as a company that delivers technical solutions for the industry.

The offered services cover a large range of activities such as hydraulic and technical lubrication , hydraulics, revision of pumps, valves and hydraulic motors. Also sales of OEM parts, warehouse management and distribution from the AFMECH location and delivering maintenance staff on site of customers is possible.

Johan Gijbels works in the Afmech department of Genk as a project manager. He is often confronted with questions of optimization, preventive maintenance and lubrication plans.

Johan Gijbels about ANAC:

“In the context of optimization of lubrication and preventive maintenance ANAC is the perfect solution.Thanks to ANAC used oil analyses, it is possible to monitor the mechanical condition of a machine. In that way we can take preventive actions to avoid sudden failure and production stop in the worst case.

Oil sampling also offer the chance to optimize the maintenance. ANAC analyses are used to monitor the oil condition of the machines. In this way it is possible to avoid blindly replacing large oil sumps which results in saving costs. This cost saving is not only related to the oil itself, also the time needed to change an oil sump is saved. Not to mention the difficult access in some cases….

Compared to other labs that offer oil analysis, the short-term treatment, the overview by colored indications and the availability of reports online are the biggest advantages.

Because ANAC gives the possibility to record our oil sample data online, lots of writing work is saved when we need to send in a lot of samples.”