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4 stroke motorcycles

Why do I need Total's 4 stroke motorcycle oils?

Total's range of quality motorcycle oils includes a wide selection of 4 stroke engine oil (4t oil).

The majority of motorcycles use a 4 stroke transmission. The engine, clutch and gearbox are all housed inside a single unit. For this reason, a specialist oil for 4 stroke motorcycles is recommended. Our 4t oils have been meticulously formulated to enable optimal performance for this specific engine type.

Our 10W-40-grade motorcycle oils include:

We also offer a 20W-40 motorcycle oil (TOTAL HI-PERF 4T SPECIAL 20W-40) and two 20W-50 motorcycle oils (TOTAL HI-PERF 4T SUPER PLUS 20W-50 and TOTAL HI-PERF 4T SUPER 20W-50).

Other oils in our range suitable for a 4 stroke motorcycle:

How do Total's 4t oils improve performance?

By reducing friction and cooling your engine, Total's 4t oils promote optimal performance, giving you a smoother, faster ride and outstanding fuel efficiency. Our products will really help you get the most out of your motorcycle.

How do Total's 4t oils optimise protection?

All of our Hi-Perf oils provide outstanding lubrication that reduces wear on your 4 stroke engine and addresses overheating. Our motorcycle oils protect against damage from corrosion and contaminants, promoting engine cleanliness.

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