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At Total, the wide variety of talents drives our competitiveness, our ability to innovate and our attractiveness. We are looking for people whose profiles vary as much as their professions. Whether you are a graduate or an experienced professional, there is no “model” career path. Rather, it is an array of personalities and skillsets that make up a strength that is larger than the sum of its parts.

For us, recruiting employees means welcoming people, not just a profile on paper. This respect is embedded into our Code of Conduct as one of the pillars. We enjoy the highest ranking among the world’s oil and gas majors in the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark, additional proof of our commitment to further enhance our respect for people and their differences in light of the dynamic world we are all a part of.



TWICE, our network for promoting gender equality

We actively encourage women to accept key positions in the Group. Over the past 10 years, our TWICE (Total Women Initiative for Communication and Exchange) network has contributed to developing greater gender equality and awareness in the company. The total workforce based in Singapore is trending above average with a 40% overall female representation.

Total Survey lets Group employees express their opinions

We believe it is crucial to involve employees in decision making. Every two years, we consult them on a range of issues through the Total Survey, where they can express their opinions, anonymously, on what is working and what needs improvement. The opinions recorded are followed by action plans. Almost 69,000 employees across the world participated in the survey in 2019.



We do everything we can to guarantee a stimulating environment in the Group, on both the professional and personal levels. We believe that our employees best tackle the energy challenges of tomorrow when they enjoy the best possible conditions. All workers deserve employers that are best in class on an array of levels: safety, ethics, management and social performance.

This commitment is part and parcel of our “pioneering spirit” – a hallmark of our brilliant employees and a quality that has driven Total since its creation. We encourage our employees to pursue diverse paths to achieve their full potential. We value merit and team spirit and remain attentive to the needs to all to offer a world of opportunities.