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    years of experience in Textile Lubricants
  • Produced in line with REACH regulations.
  • Free from SVHC's (Subtances of Very High Concern) such as APEO's (Alkylphenol Ethoxylates).
  • Compliant with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

Textile Lubricants' product range


Textile Specialities

  • LISSOLFIX: high quality coning oils.
  • TIXO: high performance needle oils for circular/ flatbed knitting.
  • ELECTROFIX: antistatic lubricants (non-woven textiles in needle punching and tufting operations).
  • TEXINOL: antistatic lubricants (carding/combing processes).
  • PARATEX: yarn overoiling lubricants/sizing agents for weaving, warping and beaming.
  • DETERFIX TB: rinsing bath coning oils for lubricating bobbins after dyeing.
  • DETERFIX: water soluble detergents formulated to eliminate textile lubricants via washing process in textile industry contexts.



  • STATERMIC X400: very high performance PFPE Grease developed specifically for High Temperature Textile Applications (Stenters, Hot Godet Bearings…).
  • MULTIS EP 2: multipurpose extreme pressure lithium/calcium grease.
  • ALTIS SH 2: high performance synthetic grease for high speed bearings.


Industrial Oils

  • SERIOLA: high temperature resistant, long service life heat transfer fluids.
  • JARYTHERM® DBT*: synthetic heat transfer fluids for bulk temperatures up to 350° C.
  • CORTIS XHT: high temperature chain oils.
  • CARTER: synthetic and mineral based gear oils.
  • AZOLLA ZS: hydraulic oils for lubricating spindles in ring spinning operations.
  • DROSERA MS: spindle oil for high speed ring spinning operations.